Ready Steady Goals

One of our most frequently made resolutions is to lose weight. Inevitably, after a few weeks the enthusiasm dies down, and we end up going back to our old ways. A primary reason for doing that is because we set unrealistic goals for ourselves.


One way of sticking to this New Year Resolution is to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making some simple yet highly effective changes, and setting health goals that are real and achievable.


Here are a few tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle this year.


1. Make a goal

Not just any goal, but one that is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Based. An example of a SMART goal would be something like, “I will walk for 30 minutes at least three days a week.” Or, “I will have one new healthy home cooked meal each day in the month of January.”


2. Use reliable resources

It is always tempting to follow a fad diet to achieve quick results. However, these are usually unrealistic and difficult to maintain, and sometimes even dangerous. It’s a good idea to take the advice of a qualified nutritionist or dietician when following a particular diet.


3. Fill up on fresh, local and seasonal vegetables
Vegetables are filled with nutrients, water, fibre, and contain very few calories. They make one feel full and at the same time cut down on calories without giving one the feeling of being deprived.


4. Don’t skip your breakfast

It has been proved that breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. The name spells out break-fast, since it is the first meal that we consume after a long gap of at least 6-7 hours. Breakfast works as an energy booster, it accelerates the metabolism, prevents morning crankiness and keeps us satiated for a longer period.  A good choice would be one that is low on sugar and high on protein and good fats.


5. Exercise

To live a healthy lifestyle, there is no substitute for adding a good fitness regime to one’s day. It is suggested that an individual who is new to exercise must start with a mild intensity and then gradually build up to a medium and then high-intensity workout. It is a good idea to take the advice of a doctor before starting a fitness routine if an individual hasn’t ever worked out before.


6. Take it slow

A major mistake most people make when trying to tackle a health resolution is trying to do everything at one time. This is a sure shot recipe for disaster. It is better to spend a few weeks just trying to achieve one or two goals at a time. When these new habits have been established, a couple of more goals can be added to the mix. Remember: it is important to make permanent changes, and these will take time to implement.



This Mediterranean recipe is easy to prepare and a great source of Plant-Based Protein.

Chawli (Cow pea)


Chawli is often referred to as “poor man’s meat” due to the high levels of protein found in the seeds and the leaves.

Kaanda Bhendi (Onion Okra ) Stir Fry


Serve hot with Jowar Bhakri (Indian bread made from Sorghum) or Varan – Bhaat and Toop.