Sauteed Nuts Of Radish

Nuts of radish are rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid and potassium. They are a great source of Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Calcium. The sharp flavours of the nut/bean of radish make them a popular ingredient for different chutneys, salads and stir fries.


1 cup radish nuts 

1 heaped tsp garlic paste 

1 small onion julienned 

1 Organic tomato chopped fine 

1/2 tbsp oil 

Salt to taste 


Split the beans and release the nuts inside. Chop the beans into 1/2 inch pieces diagonally. 

Heat the oil in a pan on a slow flame. Sauté the garlic and the onions until they start to turn pink. Stir in the tomatoes and cook for a few minutes till they start to release their water. Stir in the radish beans and the nuts. Cover the pot and cook for 5-7 minutes stirring often until the beans are cooked through. 

Serve hot with Indian bread or some unpolished rice accompanied by a simple moong daal. 


Quick Tip

Stoneware works well to reduce the quantity of oil required.



This Mediterranean recipe is easy to prepare and a great source of Plant-Based Protein.

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