Organic ‘Red Lady’ Papaya

This papaya is ripe. Its skin is yellow, bruises effortlessly and gives a little when pressed. The flesh is orange with a tinge of pink and has a soft 'butter-like' texture. It tastes divine. Probably why Christopher Columbus called it “Fruit of the Angels”.

The papaya is a native of Central America. We cultivate the exquisite 'Red Lady' variety at our farms in Latur, in the dry temperate climate of the Marathwada region. Our methods are 100% organic. We use good old manure and plenty of organic matter to enrich our laterite soil and supplement it with friendly microbial cultures that enhance soil quality and fertility. A mix of ginger, garlic and red chilli is sprayed to drive away insects and pests. No chemicals whatsoever! These methods lend an honest sweetness to the papayas and contribute to a longer shelf life.

Now, we can tell you that the papaya is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, and how it aids digestion and helps to lower blood cholesterol… but we would rather let you experience this for yourself.


The papaya is a climacteric fruit that ripens naturally after harvest. We do not use any artificial agent to accelerate its ripening. Nor do we use any form of wax, sprays or preservatives to extend its shelf life.

Stage 1


A raw papaya is completely green on the surface. Its flesh is tough and rich in the papain enzyme.

Stage 2


There’s a definite “break” in colour from dark green to yellow on not more than 10% of the surface.

Stage 3


About 30% of skin surface is now yellow. The green areas are still tough but the yellow areas are soft.

Stage 4


About 50 - 70% of skin surface is now yellow and soft. Just a few more days to be perfectly ripe.

Stage 5


The papaya is completely yellow, soft and ready. Peel the skin, cut into pieces and enjoy with a slice of lemon!

Weekly Harvest Alerts We will contact you via whatsapp and SMS when we have freshly harvested papayas ready to be delivered to your doorstep.
Only a limited number of fresh papayas are available from weekly harvests so kindly place your order as soon as you receive a notification from us. A delivery charge will be applicable for orders less than 3 pieces. Delivering to selective regions of Latur & Mumbai, Maharashtra.