Stir Fried Chooka

The chooka leaves are naturally sour tasting. This recipe is best enjoyed with some hot rotis or rice and a side of moong dal.

The 4 PM Filler


The benefits of consuming spinach are many and varied. It is very low in calories and fats; its leaves hold a good amount of soluble dietary fibre; it is one of the finest vegetable sources recommended for controlling cholesterol.

Radiant Refresher


Pudina is packed with anti-oxidants and photo nutrients and is used to treat and relieve several illnesses. Use it in your favourite smoothie for a fresh and minty flavour, or simply add it to some hot water in a kettle and let it steep before enjoying it as a refreshing tea after meals or as a palette cleanser before.

Beetroot Salad


Beetroots have tremendous nutritional value and have often been referred to as a ‘health- food titan’.