Beetroot Salad


2 Organic beetroots cut into bite size cubes 

1 stalk of Organic coriander finely chopped 

2 tbsps of dry roasted peanuts lightly crushed 


For the dressing 

Juice of 1 lime 

2 tsps olive oil 

1 tsp of Organic jaggery or coconut sugar

A pinch of pepper 

Salt to taste 

Mix the above together in a bowl and keep aside 



Lightly mix together the beetroot and crushed peanuts in a salad bowl. Pour the salad dressing over and toss. Garnish with fresh coriander. Serve chilled. 


Beetroots have tremendous nutritional value and have often been referred to as a ‘health- food titan’. Beetroot with the leaves intact can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days but Beetroot with the leaves removed can be stored for 2-4 weeks. For this recipe the leaves must be removed.  They can be cooked in the same way as spinach or used in place of lettuce and spinach in salads.



This Mediterranean recipe is easy to prepare and a great source of Plant-Based Protein.

Chawli (Cow pea)


Chawli is often referred to as “poor man’s meat” due to the high levels of protein found in the seeds and the leaves.

Kaanda Bhendi (Onion Okra ) Stir Fry


Serve hot with Jowar Bhakri (Indian bread made from Sorghum) or Varan – Bhaat and Toop.