Green Mango Chutney

4 green mangoes
1/2 fresh coconut grated
2 tsp dry roasted cumin, powdered
6-8 cloves dry garlic grated
1 cup finely chopped coriander/fresh mint
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste


Roughly chop the green mango along with the skin into small pieces. Discard the seed. Put the mango into a mixer grinder and add the above ingredients a little at a time. Grind to a smooth paste. Adjust the salt to taste. This recipe requires no water and can be stored in the fridge upto 2 weeks. Enjoy this fresh, raw chutney with your everyday Indian fare, dosas, parathas, curries and more.


Note: It makes excellent as a sandwich base too. Layer with fresh tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cold cuts. Enjoy with a steaming hot cup of lemongrass tea.



This Mediterranean recipe is easy to prepare and a great source of Plant-Based Protein.

Chawli (Cow pea)


Chawli is often referred to as “poor man’s meat” due to the high levels of protein found in the seeds and the leaves.

Kaanda Bhendi (Onion Okra ) Stir Fry


Serve hot with Jowar Bhakri (Indian bread made from Sorghum) or Varan – Bhaat and Toop.